Westar Institute, along with its publishing imprint Polebridge Press, is managed by a Board of Directors and small staff. Job opportunities at Westar Institute appear below. Thank you for your interest!

Executive Assistant

Marketing and Events Management

Westar is a non-profit religious research and educational institute whose mission is to foster collaborative scholarly research in the study of religion and to communicate the results of that scholarship to a broad, non-specialist public. Through publications, educational programs,  and research projects, our member-supported institute brings scholars with advanced degrees in biblical studies,  philosophy of religion, and related fields into conversation with non-specialists from all walks of life.

Westar is seeking to fill the position of Executive Assistant with marketing and events management skills. This position combines two main, interrelated tasks: 1) the lead position in marketing and social media; 2) an associate position, working with other staff, in events management. This position requires the ability to work independently in a telecommunicating environment.

  • This is a ¾-time (30 hours/week) position with potential to grow to full-time.
  • Compensation: $32 – $36K per year
  • This position  reports to  the Executive Director and supervises a part-time web technician.



The Executive Assistant will take the lead role with Westar Institute staff and the Board Marketing Committee (BMC) in carrying out a broad communications strategy for Westar’s nonprofit mission of  advancing religious literacy. He/she ensures that Westar members and prospective members receive clear, timely information about the activities and resources of the organization which include:

  • 2 national events
  • 15–20 regional events
  • Books, periodicals, audiovisual, and other  forms of educational material  or public announcements.

Events Management

The Executive Assistant works cooperatively with the Board Program Committee (BPC) to plan and carry out the logistical aspects of programs. He/she maintains a master calendar and takes responsibility for procedural needs such as recruiting new hosts and sites, answering questions, offering advice on how to handle various event-related tasks, and overseeing the events planning progress. Overall, the Executive Assistant ensures that staff and key volunteers are all working together effectively.


The ideal candidate is a capable communicator who can translate specialist jargon into non-specialist parlance, creating popular and appealing program web and social media copy; is a capable planner and promoter of events and excels at managing a schedule for an organization with a rich variety of programs and activities.


  • Capable of providing strategic input and leadership for developing and carrying out a marketing plan.
  • Capable of understanding and valuing religious literacy and critical thinking skills in a humanities-centered environment (a university degree is an asset).
  • Strong verbal & written communication
  • Highly skilled at researching and gathering information and converting it into professional, effective  ad copy for both traditional and new media.
  • Capable of communicating with a wide variety of religiously diverse stakeholders in a graceful and honest manner.
  • Professional and friendly demeanor for presenting Westar Institute to stakeholders including members, donors, and  partner organizations.
  • Flexible and adaptable attitude toward organizational growth and change.
  • Demonstrable skill/experience at maintaining a detailed, accurate schedule and breaking down major events into manageable tasks.
  • Demonstrable skill/experience at managing events remotely, in close collaboration with volunteers via phone,  email, and Skype.
  • Comfortable managing events ranging in size from 50–150
  • Comfortable working in an environment where diverse religious and philosophical ideas are regularly discussed.

Exceptional candidates will also have these skills: 

  • Audiovisual skills, e.g. to support livestreaming of events or to create recordings of events for future promotions.
  • Experience with marketing research tools,g. surveys, A/B testing.
  • Experience negotiating contracts with hotels and other event partners.
  • Experience with livestreaming, webinars, and other new media events.
  • Experience in graphic art
  • Religious Studies education (or equivalent knowledge/experience)

Interested and qualified candidates may apply below.

For questions, please email:  dgalston@westarinstitute.org

Important Dates:

  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2017
  • Start Date:  August 28, 2017
    Westar is not affiliated with any religious institution or denomination and does not advocate a particular theological point of view. This means that Westar regularly publishes information representing many points of view about controversial issues related to religion, e.g., the existence or non-existence of God, the history of Christian ideas of homosexuality, and other philosophical and moral questions.
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