Forum New Series ran from 1998 to 2004. See an index of articles below.

Volume 1 (1998)


  • Jesus Seminar Voting Records: The Passion Narratives
  • The So-Called Trial Before the Sanhedrin (Bruce D. Chilton)
  • Women and the Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus (Kathleen E. Corley)
  • The Gospel of Peter and the Canonical Gospels (John Dominic Crossan)
  • The Passion Narrative of the Gospel of Peter (Arthur Dewey)
  • A Pre-Johannine Passion Narrative as Historical Source (Robert T. Fortna)
  • Selected Special Lukan Material in the Passion Narrative (Roy W. Hoover)
  • The Septuagintal Influence in Shaping the Passion Narratives (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Jesus’ So-called Triumphal Entry (W. Barnes Tatum)
  • The Arrest of Jesus (S. C. Winter)


  • The Egalitarian Jesus: A Christian Myth of Origins (Kathleen E. Corley)
  • The Jewish Genius: Jesus According to John Meier (Julian V. Hills)
  • Words Before Deeds (Lane C. McGaughy)
  • Sane Eschatology: Albert Schweitzer’s Profile of Jesus (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Holmes is on the Case: E.P. Sander’s Profile of Jesus (Bernard Brandon Scott)
  • Israel’s Prodigal Son (Mahlon Smith)
  • Jesus the Jew: An Analysis of Geza Vermes’ Trilogy (W. Barnes Tatum)
  • Jesus in the Company of Sages (Hal E. Taussig)
  • Patrolling the Right Path: Tom Wright’s Figure of Jesus (James Veitch)

Volume 2 (1999)


  • Jesus Seminar Voting Records: Jesus’ Birth and Childhood
  • The Historical Quest for the Baby Jesus (W. Barnes Tatum)
  • John the Purifier (Bruce D. Chilton)
  • The Family of Jesus (Arthur Dewey)
  • Genealogies of Jesus (Marshall D. Johnson)
  • Infancy Narratives and Hellenistic Lives (Lane C. McGaughy)
  • A Cancelled Father (Jane Schaberg)
  • John’s Baptizing Activity (Robert L. Webb)
  • Josephus on John the Baptist (Robert L. Webb)


  • The Grammatical Uses of (akouo) In the Septuagint and the New Testament (Paul Danove)
  • Systematic Notation in Lexical Entries: Syntactic, Semantic, and Lexical Entries (Paul Danove)
  • The Verb (GINOMAI)  in New Testament Greek: A Descriptive Analysis (Lane C. McGaughy)
  • From the Lexicon to the Sentence: Argument Structure in Hellenistic Greek (Michael W. Palmer)
  • A Modern Grammar of an Ancient Language (Stanley E. Porter)
  • Revising Blass-Debrunner-Funk (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Greek Indirect Questions: A Model for a New Reference Grammar (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Early Gospel Fragments from Oxyrhynchus: POxy 1, 654, 655, 840, 1224 (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Book Review: Daniel B. Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (Robert L. Webb)

Volume 3 (2000)


  • Acts Seminar Voting Records
  • Equal Justice Under the (New) Law: Ananais and Sapphira in Acts (Julian V. Hills)
  • Luke’s Emulation of Homer: Acts 12:1–17 and Iliad 24 (Dennis R. McDonald)
  • My Happy Home: The Role of Jerusalem in Acts (Richard I. Pervo)
  • Was There a Jerusalem Church?: Christian Origins in Jerusalem According to Acts and Paul (Dennis Smith)
  • A Waiter, a Magician, a Fisherman, and a Eunuch: The Pieces and Puzzles of Acts 8 (F. Scott Spencer)
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10:1–11:18 (Joseph B. Tyson)
  • The Story of Stephen in Acts 6:1–8:4: History Typologized or Typology Historicized? (Stephen R. Weist)
  • The First Christians: What Did the Neighbors Think? (L. Michael White)
  • The Pentecost Event: Lukan Redaction and Themes in Acts 2 (L. Michael White)


  • Jesus Seminar Voting Records: 2000 (Spring and Fall)
  • Some Ragged Lines: From Christology to Christopoetics (Arthur Dewey)
  • The Mythical Matrix and God as Methaphor (Robert W. Funk)
  • Realities and Illusions: Resurrection and Life After Death (Roy W. Hoover)
  • Q and the Non-Apocalyptic Jesus: Assessing the Evidence (Robert J. Miller)
  • History and Theology: A Reflection on the Work of the Jesus Seminar (Stephen J. Patterson)
  • Finding a Non-Apocalyptic Jesus: Issues and Reconsiderations (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Doing and Undoing the Word: Jesus and the Dialectics of Christology (Mahlon Smith)

Volume 4 (2001)


  • Acts Seminar Voting Records: Spring 2001
  • Source Theories for the Acts of the Apostles (Perry Kea)
  • Meet Right—and Our Bounden Duty: Community Meetings in Acts (Richard I. Pervo)
  • Acts 15 as Jewish and Christian History (Alan F. Segal)
  • Jerusalem as Occasion for Conversation: The Intersections of Acts 15 and Galations 2 (Hal E. Taussig)
  • Themes at the Crossroads: Acts 15 in Its Lukan Setting (Joseph B. Tyson)
  • The Legacy of F. C. Baur and Recent Studies of Acts (Joseph B. Tyson)
  • Antioch in Acts: & Maccoby’s ‘Two-tiered’ Christianity (S. C. Winter)


  • Preface (Daryl Schmidt)
  • Science, Non-Realism, and Contemporary Theology (John C. Kelly)
  • The Theological Risks of Taking Jesus Seriously (Joseph Bessler-Northcutt)
  • Transfiguring Jesus: Spiritual Dimensions of Contemporary Historical Jesus Portraits (Hal Taussig)
  • The Death of Jesus: The Fact of Fiction & the Fiction of Fact (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • History Matters: A Postmodern Case for Jesus and Meaning Today (Hal Taussig)
  • The Church as Community: The Foundation of Christianity (James Veitch)
  • The Westar Recipe (Robert W. Funk)

Volume 5 (2002)


  • Preface (Dennis E. Smith)
  • The Acts of the Apostles and the Rewriting of Christian History (Dennis E. Smith)
  • The Date of Acts: A Reconsideration (Joseph B. Tyson)
  • Dating Acts (Richard I. Pervo)
  • Pieces of Epic in the Shipwreck in Acts 27 (Christine Shea)
  • Paulus Absconditus: Paul versus John in Ephesian Tradition (Robert M. Price)
  • The Septuagint as a Source for Acts 6:8 – 8:1 (Perry V. Kea)
  • Acts and the Pauline Letters: A Select Bibliography with Introduction (William O. Walker Jr.)
  • Acts Seminar Voting Records: Fall 2002

Volume 6 (2003)


  • Preface (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Two Jesuses, Jesus of Jerusalem and Jesus of Nazareth: Provocative Parallels and Imaginative Imitation (Theodore J. Weeden)
    • Prologue
    • Part One, Sec. A: The Case for Mark’s Imitation of the Story of Jesus the Son of Ananias
    • Part One, Sec. B: The Markan Jesus and Jesus the Son of Ananias
    • Part Two: The Case for Luke and the Final Q Redactor’s Imitation of the Story of Jesus Son of Ananias
    • Part Three: The Case for John’s Imitation of the Story of Jesus Son of Ananias
    • Part Four: Results of the Investigation of Parallels Between Jesus of Jerusalem and Jesus of Nazareth
    • Addendum: The Case for Caesarea Philippi as the Provenance for the Markan Community
    • Epilogue: A Case for the Typecasting of Jesus Son of Ananias Originally as a Latter-Day Jeremiah
  • Voting Records

Volume 7 (2004)


  • Preface (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Historical Trends in the Jesus Tradition: Assessing the Extant Evidence (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Theories of Tradition: A Critique of Kenneth Bailey (Theodore J. Weeden)
  • Remembering Jesus: Assessing the Oral Evidence (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • The Gospel according to an Apostate (Glenna S. Jackson)
  • Missing the Son of Man: The Oral Logic of Luke 17:22 (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Voting Records


  • Preface (Mahlon H. Smith)
  • Converting Paul: The Call of the Apostle in Early Christian Literature (Richard I. Pervo)
  • The Masks of Paul (Arthur J. Dewey)
  • Paul on Paul: Galatians 1:13 – 24 (Daryl D. Schmidt)
  • Loss and Gain in the Economy of Heaven: Paul’s Polemic in Philippians 3:1 – 11 (Roy W. Hoover)
  • 2 Corinthians 11:22 – 33 and Related Texts (Perry V. Kea)
  • What DID Paul Consider Rubbish? Reconsidering Philippians 3:1b – 11 (Dennis E. Smith)
  • The Paul Seminar Voting Records