The Complete Gospel Parallels

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Gospel parallels place similar passages from different gospel texts alongside each other for easy comparison. This is an important tool for anyone who wants to better understand early Christian history.

How did different writers tell the same stories in the first generations of the Christian community? Why are they different? How do books that didn’t make it into the Bible tell the story differently from those that did?

Unlike other books that compare only biblical passages, The Complete Gospel Parallels compares eleven gospels from the Bible and texts that were not included in it. In this way, the reader gets a more complete picture of the different ways people talked about Jesus and the beginnings of Christianity through 300 C.E.

The sample pages below show parallels among the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) with the Gospel of Thomas. Other books include the Gospel of Peter, the Egerton Gospel, and Gospel Oxyrhynchus 1224, the Jewish-Christian Gospels of the Hebrews and the Nazoreans, and a synopsis for the reconstructed Q Gospel.

Gospel Parallels 1

Gospel Parallels 2 w-footnotes

Gospel Parallels 3

Gospel Parallels 4 w-footnote

Gospel Parallels 5

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