From the Big Bang to God by Lloyd Geering

From the Big Bang to God


From the Big Bang to God: Our Awe-Inspiring Journey of Evolution

Lloyd Geering


Until two hundred years ago, most people in the Western world believed that earth and sky were no more than six thousand years old. Then science brought that date into question. In the pages of From the Big Bang to God, Geering simply and concisely tells the story of evolution and traces the rise and fall of God as a human response to discoveries about the universe.

Listen to Lloyd Geering discuss the book with pastor John Shuck on the radio program Radio for Life:

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Lloyd Geering (D.D., University of Otago, New Zealand) is Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. A public figure of considerable renown in New Zealand, he is in constant demand as a lecturer and as a commentator on religion and related matters on both television and radio. He is the author of many books including Such Is Life! A Close Encounter with Ecclesiastes (2010), Coming Back to Earth: From Gods, to God, to Gaia (2009), and Christianity without God (2002).

In 2001, he was honored as Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. In 2007, he received New Zealand’s highest honor, the Order of New Zealand.

Publisher: Polebridge Press
Publication Date: November 2013
ISBN: 978-1-59815-139-8
E-book ISBN: 978-1-59815-140-4
Number of pages:200
Format: Paperback

Religion and Science

This clear and accessible book reminds us that we are obligated to find “our place” in cosmic time and space. Instead of religion and science in conflict, or the false dichotomy of evolution vs. faith, Lloyd Geering gives us something much more wondrous: the truth.

—Robin R. Meyers, author of The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus.

Lloyd Geering is one of the wonders of the theological world. For the past fifty years he has been a voice calling organized religion to deal with reality. This book brings theology and evolution together in a magnificent dialogue.

—John Shelby Spong, author of The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic