Fall 2014 Meeting Resources

Thank you to all who attended the Westar Fall 2014 Meeting in San Diego. Meeting-related resources are now available from all sessions, linked from the Fall 2014 program page. Watch for the Christianity Seminar voting results in an upcoming issue of The Fourth R magazine. We hope to see you at the Spring 2015 Meeting , “Tales of Sorrow, Tales of Power: Critical Questions about Religious Rhetoric,” March 18–21, 2015, in Santa Rosa, California.

Happy holidays from the Westar Staff and Board!


Fourth R 27-6 (Nov/Dec 2014)

Fourth R 27-6

The November-December 2014 issue of The Fourth R magazine offers playful, sometimes irreverent, takes on the idea of a “sermon.” Robert M. Price reminds us of the ambiguity of both written and spoken word. “Meaning in texts is always elusive, deferred, re-routed, detoured; never easily discernible, never unmistakable,” he writes. “Most definitely not something we can all agree on. Attend any Bible study and you’ll see my point.” Lloyd Geering observes the power of human fellowship, while Richard Trudeau unravels different concepts of God within the Hebrew Bible, and Harry Cook argues for a life of works over faith. Read the editorial by Arthur J. Dewey and subscribe here.


Forum 3,2: Assessing the Work of Rudolf Bultmann


The latest issue of Forum academic journal is now available! The articles in this issue are based on papers presented at a special Westar seminar on the legacy of the renowned German New Testament scholar and theologian Rudolf Bultmann. Bultmann’s groundbreaking research on Christian origins formulated most of the major issues that scholars have been addressing for the past generation.

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