Marcus Borg: In Memoriam

Learn more about Marcus BorgDear Westar Community,

It is with sadness that we received the news of Marcus Borg’s death on January 21. Marcus Borg was a major contributor to the work of the Jesus Seminar in its seminal period. In his career, he modeled the ideal of a Westar Fellow. Marcus ably bridged the gap between the academic guild and the general public. His books are cherished by Westar associates for their clarity and honesty. We at Westar will miss him terribly. Our sympathies go out to his family. » Read more


New Book by Don Cupitt

Creative Faith: Religion as a Way of Worldmaking (Cupitt, sm)

Creative Faith
Religion as a Way of Worldmaking

At some point very early on in its development, Christianity split between two different pathways: one path stayed with the teaching of Jesus and the primacy of ethics, the other started with the return of Jesus and, therefore, with supernatural belief. Today, ethics has been largely sidelined, viewed as secondary or subservient to belief. Don Cupitt argues that the time has come for that to change. » Read more


The Fourth R 28-1 (Jan/Feb 2014)

28-1-coverIn the January-February issue of The Fourth R magazine, Richard Trudeau reconsiders the story of Eve and the forbidden fruit while Gordon Raynal and Robert J. Miller spar over the meaning of the Nicodemus story found in John 3. Lloyd Geering looks back at the “before and after” impact of a little book entitled Honest to God published by Bishop John Robinson in 1963, and Gerd Lüdemann thoroughly revises a letter to Jesus he wrote nearly 15 years ago in The Great Deception. Charles W. Hedrick in “The Basic Problem of Historical Jesus Studies” explains why we still can’t take for granted that scholars have carefully sifted what Jesus said from what the community said about him. A 4-star book review of Questioning Assumptions: Rethinking the Philosophy of Religion by Tom Christenson invites readers to “pull the rug” out from under the traditional approach to philosophy of religion. Read the editorial and learn more about subscription options.


Fall 2014 Meeting Resources

Thank you to all who attended the Westar Fall 2014 Meeting in San Diego. Meeting-related resources are now available from all sessions, linked from the Fall 2014 program page. Watch for the Christianity Seminar voting results in an upcoming issue of The Fourth R magazine. We hope to see you at the Spring 2015 Meeting , “Tales of Sorrow, Tales of Power: Critical Questions about Religious Rhetoric,” March 18–21, 2015, in Santa Rosa, California.

Happy holidays from the Westar Staff and Board!


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