Forum 3,2: Assessing the Work of Rudolf Bultmann


The latest issue of Forum academic journal is now available! The articles in this issue are based on papers presented at a special Westar seminar on the legacy of the renowned German New Testament scholar and theologian Rudolf Bultmann. Bultmann’s groundbreaking research on Christian origins formulated most of the major issues that scholars have been addressing for the past generation.

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Sept-Oct Issue of The Fourth R

The Fourth R Issue 27-5

The September-October issue of The Fourth R magazine is now available! Featuring articles by Jason David BeDuhn, Kris Komarnitsky, William O. Walker Jr., this issue also includes interviews with Jodi Magness and Raheel Raza, and a review of Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions about Sex and Desire by Jennifer Wright Knust.

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The Last Western Heretic (DVD)
Now available

The Last Western Heretic (DVD)

Filmed in New Zealand and Israel and premiered at the NZ Parliament, The Last Western Heretic explores Lloyd Geering’s worldview through a discussion of his ideas—there is no life after death, the Bible is not infallible, Jesus was not divine, among others. Includes live footage from his 1967 heresy trial on charges of “doctrinal error and disturbing the peace of the [Presbyterian] church” which resulted from Geering’s assertion that the resurrection of Jesus should not be interpreted literally.

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Religion for Life Radio Interview: Acts and Christian Beginnings

Is the Book of Acts in the New Testament history or myth? Westar Associate and radio host John Shuck took up that question with the two co-chairs of the Acts Seminar, Joseph Tyson and Dennis Smith in a two-part radio interview on his program Religion for Life. You can listen to podcasts of their conversations below:


Weekly Reading: Embracing the Human Jesus

“The problem … is what to do with a Jesus who was human like anyone else.”
—David Galston, Embracing the Human Jesus

Join this hosted reading on the Westar blog of David Galston’s recent book Embracing the Human Jesus: A Wisdom Path for Contemporary Christianity (Polebridge, 2012). The Seminar on God and Human Futures will convene its opening session at Westar’s Fall 2014 national meeting in San Diego, California. Galston is the chair of the new seminar, and his book provides an overview of changing human ideas about God along with ideas for how to put that into practice. You can join the conversation by sharing your own responses to each chapter of the book in the comments section.

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The Significance of Westar@AAR/SBL

Over the past several months, Westar has engaged in a series of negotiations that may make it possible for us to meet with the Society of Biblical Literature and American Academy of Religion on a regular basis. The decision to meet concurrently with the AAR/SBL is important for many reasons. Above all, it provides Westar with a much larger venue for its work and makes it easier for scholars to attend both conferences. But it also has symbolic significance: it closes the scholarly circle for Westar Founder Bob Funk and other Westar Fellows. Before Funk established the Jesus Seminar in 1985, he played a major role in democratizing the SBL and founding the AAR. Bringing Westar together with those learned societies consolidates Funk’s legacy as a moving force in the effort to promote cutting-edge biblical scholarship on issues that matter in the larger culture. Continue reading

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