New and Popular Titles

The Folly of God

John D. Caputo

Inspired by Paul Tillich’s suggestion that atheism is not the end of theology but is instead the beginning, and working this together with Derrida’s idea of the undeconstructible, Caputo explores the idea that the real interest of theology is not God, especially not God as supreme being, but the unconditional. The Folly of God continues the radical reading of Paul's explosive language in 1 Corinthians 1 about the stand God makes with the nothings and nobodies of the world, first introduced in The Weakness of God (2006) and The Insistence of God (2013).

Gospels, Jesus, and Christian Origins

Collected Essays

William O. Walker, Jr.

Representing five decades of research on the gospels, Jesus, and Christian origins, this collection of historical-critical essays explores topics such as demythologizing, “son of man,” and the synoptic problem, to name just a few. Includes a critical analysis of ways in which scholars have attempted to recover the historical Jesus.

The Acts of John

Early Christian Apocrypha series, vol. 6

Richard I. Pervo with Julian V. Hills

When and where was the Acts of John composed, by whom, for whom, and why? Using the new Scholars Version translation, Pervo introduces the text of the Acts of John, identifies its sources, investigates early witnesses, and illuminates the motivations of its author. Includes notes and cross-references.

Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity

Don Cupitt

Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity is not about the science of global warming so much as the absence of a serious ethical and religious response to it. When all existing ‘reality’ breaks down, ethics can no longer be based on nature or religious law. Cupitt advocates for an alternative inspired by the historical Jesus.

Is God Needed in the Kingdom of God?

Seminar on God and the Human Future
Spring 2015 Session

Of all the possible ways to think about God, which concept makes the best sense for our world today? This celebration of the work of radical theologian John D. Caputo invites listeners to consider a new way of thinking about God as weak but potent, God as "the great perhaps."

The Problem with God

Peter Steinberger
Spring 2015 Meeting

Peter Steinberger challenges listeners to set aside as nonsensical the question, "Does God exist?" He argues that theism, atheism, and agnosticism are all incoherent positions and addresses the implications of his thesis for ethics, the meaning of life, and the limits and aspirations for human knowledge of the universe.

The Real Paul

Recovering His Radical Challenge

Bernard Brandon Scott

“An impressively informed and informative work of biblical scholarship that will prove to be as thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is seminal and iconoclastic … Highly recommended for seminary and academic library New Testament Studies reference collections in general, and Paulinian Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.”—Midwest Book Review

Creative Faith

Religion as a Way of Worldmaking

Don Cupitt

“A forceful and clearly-written call to open a new religious horizon suited to our time.” —George Pattison, University of Glasgow

Paul and His Legacy: Collected Essays by William O. Walker, Jr.

Paul and His Legacy

Collected Essays

William O. Walker Jr.

Paul and His Legacy is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. A work of seminal scholarship that is fully accessible to the non-specialist general reader as it is to the academic scholar or ecclesiastical theologian, Paul and His Legacy is very highly recommended for personal, seminary, community, and academic library Christian Studies collections.” —Midwest Book Review