Along with “Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic,” Religion is the fourth “R” of basic literacy. First published in 1987, The Fourth R shares the latest thinking from religion scholars and writers—in non-technical language aimed at a general audience. Get a feel for the contents and themes of each issue by reading recent editorials for each issue by Arthur J. Dewey, Xavier University.

"All That Jazz"
Issue 31-4 (July/Aug 2018)

"Time to Take His Measure"
Issue 31-3 (May/June 2018)

"Adding Wrinkles to the Text"
Issue 31-2 (Mar/Apr 2018)

"Facing the Abyss"
Issue 31-1 (Jan/Feb 2018)

"The Art of Resistance"
Issue 30-6 (Nov/Dec 2017)

"No More Potemkin Theology"
Issue 30-5 (Sept/Oct 2017)

"Another Report from the Trenches"
Issue 30-4 (July/Aug 2017)

"Out of the corner of my eye"
Issue 30-3 (May/June 2017)

"From: Paul To: Trump"
Issue 30-2 (March/April 2017)

"Kristallnacht 2016"
Issue 30-1 (Jan/Feb 2017)

"How Could I Fall for This?"
Issue 29-6 (Nov/Dec 2016)

"Remember, remember..."
Issue 29-5 (Sept/Oct 2016)

"Time to Re-mythologize Jesus?" by Gordon W. G. Raynal
Issue 29-4 (July/Aug 2016)

"The Land of Magical Thinking"
Issue 29-3 (May/June 2016)

"Unsettling Remarks"
Issue 29-2 (Mar/April 2016)

"Meeting Marcus Again"
Issue 29-1 (Jan/Feb 2016)

"Lloyd Geering: Disturber of Our Peace"
Issue 28-5 (Nov/Dec 2015)

"Jesus of Nazareth — Presidential Timber?"
Issue 27-6 (Nov/Dec 2014)

"A Devil's Exercise"
Issue 27-5 (Sept/Oct 2014)

"Chew on This"
Issue 27-4 (July/Aug 2014)

"Donut Theology"
Issue 27-3 (May/June 2014)

"What grabs us"
Issue 27-2 (March/April 2014)

"In a very small room"
Issue 27-1 (Jan/Feb 2014)