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The Four Rs of Literacy
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Being able to read the articles challenges me to grow on my path and reminds me that I'm not alone in my perspective.

Readers say...

The highlight of my daily trip to the mailbox is to find The Fourth R there.

Readers say...

I find The Fourth R stimulating and often eye-opening. I admire the courage of theologians who deal with the findings of biblical studies and also try to reshape Christianity in light of the global community and of natural science...

Readers say...

I really enjoy [The Fourth R] and usually read it cover to cover—it is one of the best benefits of membership.

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As retired clergy this is a very good way of keeping up with current scholarship in the field of the Christian Scriptures.

Readers say...

My wife and I usually read an article aloud to one another with our morning coffee.

Readers say...

Along with "Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic," Religion is the fourth "R" of basic literacy. First published in 1987, The Fourth R shares the latest thinking from religion scholars and writers—in non-technical language aimed at a general audience. This popular magazine also includes early reports on Westar seminar deliberations and the latest news about Westar events and programs. Annual subscription to six issues of The Fourth R is included in Westar membership.

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Editorial, Facing the Abyss

Art Dewey

Putting Paul in His Place

Charles W. Hedrick

Silencing Jesus with Theology
From Parable to Allegory

Perry Kea

Silencing Jesus with Politics
From a Subversive to a Submissive Jesus

Paul H. Jones

A Case for Theological Realism

Byron Bangert

Book Review of Paul within Judaism: Restoring the First-Century
Context to the Apostle edited by Mark D. Nanos and Magnus Zetterholm

Gordon W. G. Raynal

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The Fourth R - "One of the Best Benefits of Membership"

In a recent membership survey, respondents rated The Fourth R as the top benefit of Westar membership.