Biblical Texts Speaking to 21st Century Inquirers

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Harry T. Cook

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The word “bible” means library. And like the anthology commonly known by that title, this book is a small “library” of translations and paraphrases of twenty-four biblical texts. The author has chosen to treat these texts much as an archaeologist does shards from a dig, examining them closely within their original context. He thereby aims to let contemporary readers hear these important texts as they were heard by ordinary people of first-century Palestine and to suggest ways they can be used for instruction and inspiration in today’s world. Harry T. Cook is an Episcopal priest, journalist, author and peace-and-justice activist. His many publications include Long Live Salvation by Works: A Humanist Manifesto (2012) and What a Friend They Had in Jesus: The Theological Visions of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Hymn Writers (2013).