Seminar Papers are the basis for the discussions in the academic sessions of the Westar Institute national meeting. They will not be presented orally at the event. Persons wishing to follow the discussions should read the papers in advance. PDFs of the Spring 2017 seminar papers will be uploaded to this page as they come available. There is no charge for the PDFs, but there is a $25 charge for those who want a hard copy mailed to them.

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Full set of papers (PDF, 8 MB)

Table of Contents (PDF, 120 kb)


Christianity Seminar

Ascough, Richard S. "Judith Perkins and Christian Identity Formation." (PDF, 304 kb)

Beduhn, Jason. "The Contested Authority of Paul in the Second Century." (PDF, 452 kb)

Burke, Tony. "Cursing and the Apostle: The Fight for Authority in Early Christianity." (PDF, 471 kb)

Miller, Robert J. "Helping Jesus Fulfill Prophecy." (PDF, 5 MB)


Seminar on God and the Human Future

Keller, Catherine. "Cloud of the Impossible: Darkening Horizons, Deepening Entanglements" (PDF, 204 kb)

Rubenstein, Mary-Jane. "Pantheist Monstrosities: On Race, Gender, Divinity, and Dirt" (PDF, 1.5 MB)


Working Papers

Papers listed here will be used for a working session of an academic seminar that is not a public presentation. The paper is posted here for your information.

Scott, Bernard Brandon. "Where to End?" (PDF, 122 kb)

Taussig, Hal. "A Brief Technical History of Manuscripts concerning Thecla" (PDF, 165 kb)


Copyright Notice

Seminar papers are works in progress that often undergo changes and extensive editing before appearing in formal publications at a later date. Do not reproduce, distribute, or cite without the author’s permission. All papers remain copyrighted © by their authors.