Szabolcs CzireProfessor of Theology
Protestant Theological Institute in Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca), Romania

Visiting Professor
Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California

Rev. Dr. Szabolcs Czire (Ph.D, Protestant Theological Institute, Cluj-Napoca, Romania) is a core faculty member at the Protestant Theological Institute in Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca), Romania, where he teaches biblical studies, hermeneutics, meditation-relaxation, and the sociology of religion. After his seminary graduation in 1996, he was minister for three years in a small congregation in South Transylvania. He spent a 1999-2000 study year at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. In 2005 he visited Oxford and Manchester in the UK as an Emily Sharp Scholar. He completed his PhD dissertation in 2007 on historical Jesus research. He also has a BA in sociology.

Dr. Czire has authored three books, as well as more than 30 articles. He is an Executive Committee member of Interconfessional Bible Society in Romania, member of the external public body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and a founding member and secretary of the Unitas Association for Family. A contracted columnist with a circulation of around 40,000 readers, Dr. Czire has been a presenter at the largest annual biblical conference in Central and Eastern Europe, in Szeged, Hungary. Since 2009 he has also worked for the Unitarian bishop’s office as national youth/RE coordinator.

Select Publications

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