To further its commitment to religious literacy and support its mission, Westar Institute relies on a variety of revenue streams, including corporate sponsorship. Sponsors contribute in a significant way to Westar’s mission of advancing religious literacy.

Just as Westar benefits from strong partnerships with companies, companies also benefit when they support Westar. Westar professional members (Fellows) represent leading voices in Early Christian Studies, Biblical Studies, and Philosophy of Religion. Westar public members (Associates) include a large number of religious leaders, leaders of organizations, and social activists. All Westar members and event attendees are passionate about raising the level of scholarly and public discourse about religion today. Sponsors who share in some aspect of this interest and commitment will find a ready audience at Westar.

Corporate giving can include monetary donations, in-kind products & services, or other arrangements worked out with Westar. Westar is now offering a new opportunity for businesses and organizations to become annual sponsors of our regional and national events. Download sponsor guidelines for more information (PDF).