When Jesus became Plato

January 25, 2023
7-8:30 p.m. EST

About the Event

January 25, 2023
Online (Free with the new westar membership)

The historical Jesus not only got transfigured from a prophetic poet to a Roman divine, but he also became transformed with the distinctive markings of a Platonic, even Neo-Platonic worldview. How, why, and when did the Platonic transfiguration occur?

Join Joe Bessler and David Galston for an enjoyable evening exploring when Jesus became Plato (and why we’d like Jesus back, thank you very much).

Westar members and supporters are by now familiar with the Christianity Seminar’s important work After Jesus before Christianity (if you have not read it yet, we encourage you to pick up this significant and timely read).


Joseph Bessler
David Galston
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