religion in creative writing

Religion in Creative Writing | Understanding Religion series

My favorite way of understanding religion is, without question, the playfully serious and seriously playful exploration of religion in creative writing. Because certain symbols are universally resonant across time and space, they find their way into both religious practice and creative expressions like poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, television scripts, stage plays, and sermons. This doesn’t mean […]

Testimony is personal, like two people having a heart-to-heart.

Testimony | Understanding Religion series

Testimony is a personal story that calls for a response. The rawness and intimacy of testimony give it enormous power: it is the very closeness of the story—“this happened to me”—that compels us to believe it. In this entry for the Understanding Religion series, we’ll look at… how testimony in religious settings works, why testimony […]

What is religion? (Understanding Religion series)

What is religion? I’m sure we all wish that was an easier question to answer than it is in practice. Over the next few weeks I’ll be publishing an Understanding Religion series on the blog to introduce different ways of talking about and thinking about religion. I hope you find it helpful. I plan to cover […]