We Are All in This Together

We Are All in This Together By David Galston, Westar Executive Director| 4.01.2020

April Roundtable: For Such a Time as This? Ecotheology, Spirits Afoot, and the Bible Today

Classic "end times" passages in the Bible have inspired books, movies, and their fair share of panic through the ages.

Virtual Roundtable: Demystifying the Gospels: Does it matter what the Bible says?

Demystifying the Gospels Does is matter what the Bible says? By Alexis James Waggoner | 2.26.20

Virtual Roundtable: Beyond Christ: Before (and after) Constantine

Westar’ Christianity Seminar aims to rewrite the history of early Christianity. Now, as the Seminar’s work of research, dialogue, and debate enters its second phase, Westar scholars will look at the history and practices of what came to be known as the “early church” — but in actuality was many disparate movements trying to understand and adapt the teachings [...]