A Decolonial Response to the New Zealand attack

Dear Friends and colleagues, A year ago I was enjoying the scholarship, stimulation of thinking, friendship and hospitality of Westar at the annual meeting; we discussed the decolonial, we challenged established thinking, we raised new and difficult questions.

Scholar Feature: Steve Watkins

Meet one of our new scholars, Steve Watkins! He talks to us about his research work in the area of Fundamentalism, and why people are so fascinated and confused by this belief system.

What’s the big deal about decoloniality?

A term has been coming up a lot in the work of both the Christianity Seminar, and the Seminar on God and the Human Future. Decoloniality. But what is it? One of our scholars wrote about it here, and this post aims to take another look at what it is, and how to better understand [...]

Dick Carter receives APRL award at Spring Meeting

Two influential leaders in religion are honored at Westar's Spring Meeting

Responsible Resurrection: The Odes of Solomon with Natalie Perkins

Members of Westar's Praxis Forum recently embarked on projects specifically exploring ways to utilize the religious scholarship of Westar Institute in the work they do as pastors, chaplains, artists, students, and beyond. Praxis Steering Committee co-chair and Westar Board member, Natalie Perkins, recently created an album based on the Odes of Solomon.