Image - Center of sarcophagus, Rome. Photo by David Edward Kateusz

Jesus as the Image of God

In my previous blog I dealt with the meaning and translation of the Greek word Christianos, traditionally translated “Christian,” arguing that this translation was not only problematic but fundamentally misleading.

Scholar Feature: Brandy Daniels

What do we mean when we say "we"? How do we account for who's not in the room? Dr. Brandy Daniels, scholar of women and gender studies, delves into these questions as we get the opportunity to learn more about her work.

Scholars’ Spring Updates

Our scholars are always working on new, interesting, and thoughtful things so periodically we like to highlight some of what they're doing. You can keep up with additional updates on our Facebook page.

Reflections on the Christianity Seminar Spring Meeting

As the Christianity Seminar comes to the end of its project (the last seminar meeting is scheduled for Spring 2020), various loose ends are starting to form patterns in suggestive and interesting ways. This blog is not a review or summary of the fine papers presented to the Seminar but reflections on a couple of [...]

Scholar Feature: Neela Bhattacharya Saxena

Dr. Saxena's journey to the world of theology began when she started wondering, "what happened to the image of mother god in the West?" In this interview, she discusses her current work around this question, what drew her to Westar, and interesting places she's found the divine feminine.