Immigrants and Refugees: Siding with outlaws and fugitives 

This second blog on Immigrants and Refugees will deal with the usage of the formula Widows, Orphans and Sojourners in Deuteronomy.

Immigrants and Refugees: In Absence of a Patron

Debate rages about immigrants, migrants, and refugees around the world. Governments have fallen over the issue and we have stumbled from crisis to crisis, egged on by demagogues. The tradition has also wrestled with same issues, especially in Deuteronomy and the Gospel of Matthew in ways that may be instructive for our situation. This blog [...]

Thoughts on Westar, Politics, and Religion

Worldview is the English word used to translate the nineteenth-century German use of the word, Weltanschauung. There are several ways to understand "worldview," depending on the discipline engaged. In the nineteenth-century, Wilhelm Dilthey linked a worldview to interpretation; we interpret the world the way we do because of the worldview we hold. In this basic [...]

Romans 13 in Our Time

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the Trump administration’s policy of separating mothers from their children upon illegally crossing the USA border by quoting the Apostle Paul in Romans 13: "Persons who violate the law of our nation are subject to prosecution. I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command [...]

Symbols, Signs, and Religion: Catch a Glimpse from the Other Side

Human beings are symbol makers, and as we grow up the first challenge in life is to learn how to use our most basic symbol system, which is language. Other animals and even plants use symbols in certain ways. Some plants, for example, can mimic insect eggs on their leaves to prevent insects from laying real [...]