How Arrogant

Micro-Essay: Arrogance and Biblical Studies

By Cassandra Farrin | 1.17.2017

“You ought to know”—how patronizing! Not consider this but for shame, for shame! How should I know Nag Hammadi and Oxyrhynchus, Methuselah and Nicodemus, such strange names, surely gulfs in a wide terrain! If I were hovering in a plane above… but I’m not, I’m dowsing for water. Are we all to be scholars of all subjects these days? I don’t mind a line or two from your learned books, your philosophers. Only extend it on trembling fingertips, or recite it by heart, some signal of rare commodity. Not haven’t you heard but this is for you.

Cassandra FarrinCassandra Farrin joined Westar in 2010. A US-UK Fulbright Scholar, she has an M.A. in Religious Studies from Lancaster University (England) and a B.A. in Religious Studies from Willamette University. She is passionate about books and projects that in some way address the intersection of ethics and early Christian history.

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  1. Gene Stecher says:

    Hi Cassandra,
    How about a final line from the narrator. Something like:
    “And I dare give something to you, a rare observation from my own trembling finger tips…please treat it preciously.”

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