Are you interested in submitting a guest post to the Biblical and Theological Reflections blog? Please fill out the form below after carefully reading about what kinds of content I’m currently seeking (this will be updated seasonally). You might find it helpful to learn more about the blog (and me) here. As a general rule, contributors should have some formal training in religious studies and/or theology. All contributors should write with awareness of Westar’s nonprofit mission of advancing religious literacy.

Guest Post Topics

I would be interested in receiving guest posts for Jan–June 2017 on the following topics:

  • Women and Gender in Early Christianity: I would especially welcome feminist and queer readings of early Christian literature, introductions to famous women and gender-bending figures in Christian history, and book reviews.
  • How to Study the Bible and Other Early Christian Texts: I’m looking for introductions to reading strategies that respectfully challenge, deepen, and/or complicate the Jesus Seminar’s historical-critical legacy.

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