Virtual Roundtable: Putting Clobber Passages in their Place

Join Westar biblical scholars Perry Kea and Marti Steussy for a discussion on the so-called “clobber passages.”

Summary of Brandon Scott and Jack Caputo’s Spring Meeting Sessions

In our second set of presentations at Santa Rosa, Brandon Scott and John D. (Jack) Caputo co-presented on the topics of history and theology. Starting off the talk, Jack voiced a concern about separating history and theology from each other. That makes for both bad history and bad theology, for theologically contrived history and historically […]

What does Westar mean to you? (Part II)

As part of our Spring Fundraising campaign, we’re talking to some of our members about how and why they’ve stayed connected to Westar. Here, scholar and member Nina Livesey shares her thoughts. Watch the video here. You can make a donation here.