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From Good News to Fake News

Sarah Morice Brubaker began her session with a delineation of untruthfulness, explaining that it is both a theological issue and something at work in the “fake news” culture of today. She stated that Christianity hasn’t been great at providing a variety of ways in which to talk about untruthfulness. Classically, Christian culture emphasizes something as [...]

Westar speaks out: The Bible is not a 21st Century political manifesto

The Westar Institute cannot condone using the Bible for pointed, political gain. Relying on selected and isolated Bible verses to justify separating children from parents in cruel and inhumane acts not only insults the Abrahamic faith traditions, it also turns the Bible into a 21st Century political manifesto. The Bible is full of politics that [...]

The 19th Century and Us

This post is the opinion and contribution of the author. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Westar or its scholars. Westar welcomes diversity of thought. If you’d like to contribute to the blog, click here.  Deconstruction involves the display of history. It involves demonstrating that no historical event has an absolute center or [...]

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Religion: Neither a State nor an Ideology

I'm not someone who comments very often on politics. The reason I'm not is because politics creates enemies and I prefer friends. Sometimes, though, a situation is such that one must take a risk and speak up. Such is the case with the United States government which, for ideological reasons, moved its embassy to Jerusalem [...]

Questioning Beyond Ourselves

(This post comes to us from Linda Hodges, one of Westar's Board members) When I agreed to watch the docudrama “Come Sunday,” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m glad I accepted the invitation. (You’ll want to check out our earlier blog post on the film, as well as the Homebrewed Christianity interview with [...]