Scholar Feature: Brandy Daniels

What do we mean when we say "we"? How do we account for who's not in the room? Dr. Brandy Daniels, scholar of women and gender studies, delves into these questions as we get the opportunity to learn more about her work.

Responsible Resurrection: The Odes of Solomon with Natalie Perkins

Members of Westar's Praxis Forum recently embarked on projects specifically exploring ways to utilize the religious scholarship of Westar Institute in the work they do as pastors, chaplains, artists, students, and beyond. Praxis Steering Committee co-chair and Westar Board member, Natalie Perkins, recently created an album based on the Odes of Solomon.

Photo of John D. Caputo

Spring Meeting Preview with Jack Caputo

Are history and theology compatible? This is the question our Spring Meeting session with Jack Caputo and Brandon Scott seeks to answer. Here, Jack gives a preview of the discussion. Watch now.

God, the decolonial, and the human future

As we head toward the Westar 2019 annual meeting, I wish to highlight and comment on a memory from the 2018 Spring meeting. I want specially to think about and remember the noticeable discomfort, concern, and confusion that arose when “decoloniality” was discussed in the Seminar on God and the Human Future.