What’s the big deal about decoloniality?

A term has been coming up a lot in the work of both the Christianity Seminar, and the Seminar on God and the Human Future. Decoloniality. But what is it? One of our scholars wrote about it here, and this post aims to take another look at what it is, and how to better understand [...]

Responsible Resurrection: Inventing the Passion (interview with Art Dewey)

The more we make Jesus "special," the more we play into the hands of Empire. Westar Scholar Art Dewey walks us through how he suggests the Passion narrative came to be what it is -- and why we so often seek to find literal fact where there is none. This is Part I of our [...]

Asking Attorney General Sessions — And Us — To Think More About Romans 13

Numerous commentators have pointed out some problems with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions citing a passage from the Bible to support regulations about people entering the United States without official government permission.  He points to Romans 13:1,2 to say that authorities are ordained by God. I agree with these commentators that it is not so [...]

Questioning Beyond Ourselves

(This post comes to us from Linda Hodges, one of Westar's Board members) When I agreed to watch the docudrama “Come Sunday,” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m glad I accepted the invitation. (You’ll want to check out our earlier blog post on the film, as well as the Homebrewed Christianity interview with [...]

Lent and Easter Resources

Westar's mission is to bridge the gap between religious scholarship and culture. To that end, we've put together a list of resources for those preaching, teaching, leading -- or just wanting deeper exposition -- during the season of Lent and Easter. Our list includes some brand-new material as well as past books, articles, blog posts, [...]