Evangelicals, Q-Anon, and Bibliolatry by Bernard Brandon Scott

After Easter

The weeks after Easter bring many reflections on the meaning of Easter. As one who wrote a book about resurrection (The Trouble with Resurrection), I am often amused at what folks assume Easter means in the New Testament. I despair of the New Testament ever getting a fair and honest reading.

Image - Center of sarcophagus, Rome. Photo by David Edward Kateusz

Jesus as the Image of God

In my previous blog I dealt with the meaning and translation of the Greek word Christianos, traditionally translated “Christian,” arguing that this translation was not only problematic but fundamentally misleading.

The Trouble with Faith

Faith is a problematic word, so problematic that at times I think we should abandon its use. It’s a weasel word, with so many and varied meanings that what it means often is difficult to know. Given the importance of faith in religious discourse, the varied meanings have significant implications and ramifications.

A Secular Jesus

My first experiment with the historical Jesus in church occurred in Hamilton, Ontario. I was appointed to lead a community set up to explore new forms of Christianity. I wanted to see if it was possible to take the historical Jesus to church. The answer turned out to be yes, but the church won’t like […]