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The Bible and Abortion

With Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama voting in favor of severe restrictions to abortions, it is understandable that those in the Christian tradition might turn to the Bible for theological perspective. However, as with every modern social issue, the Bible actually has nothing to say since the Bible is not a modern document. Nonetheless, the instinct [...]


A piece of art in Israel has sparked outrage among the Israeli Arab Christian minority. The art work in question is entitled “McJesus” and displays a crucified Ronald McDonald. It is on exhibition in the Haifa Museum of Art.

I preach … Kavanaugh and him crucified?

There was much concern and a little shock at the Westar Institute when we learned that Greg Gutfeld compared the Brett Kavanaugh hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee to the crucifixion of Jesus. Gutfeld is a Fox News host, so perhaps this is no surprise, but it remains sad.