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Meet the Member: Evelyn Smith

As part of a new initiative to introduce members to each other, and to the larger community, we interview Evelyn who has been a member of Westar since the ’90’s! She joined when she became acquainted with the work of Marcus Borg through a leader in her church. Soon after, she met Marcus at a [...]

Doing Theology in the Age of Trump

Westar scholar Clayton Crockett and I got together to discuss the forthcoming book from the Seminar on God and the Human future. The book, Doing Theology in the Age of Trump: A Critical Report on Christian Nationalism, investigates connections between how we understand and define God, and the connections between Trump and the religious right. [...]

Faith informing politics: Required to dig

A new poll from the Associated Press reports that relatively few Americans (19 percent) find it important that a political candidate be religious or share their religious beliefs. Conversely, a majority of Americans do see a role for religion in the shape of public policy and do want this role to extend beyond the typical “culture war” issues such [...]