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Doing Theology in the Age of Trump

Westar scholar Clayton Crockett and I got together to discuss the forthcoming book from the Seminar on God and the Human future. The book, Doing Theology in the Age of Trump: A Critical Report on Christian Nationalism, investigates connections between how we understand and define God, and the connections between Trump and the religious right. [...]

Faith informing politics: Required to dig

A new poll from the Associated Press reports that relatively few Americans (19 percent) find it important that a political candidate be religious or share their religious beliefs. Conversely, a majority of Americans do see a role for religion in the shape of public policy and do want this role to extend beyond the typical “culture war” issues such [...]

Spring Giving Helps Westar Grow

Westar’s generous donors continue to inspire and invest in Westar’s growth and impact on scholarship and culture. A 25% increase in donors to the Spring Appeal A Board member donation challenge, matched in 24 hours Increased funding through gifts made outside of the Spring Appeal

Grateful: A Revolution That Can Change Us and the World

Theologian, author, and social critic Diana Butler Bass spoke at our Spring Meeting on the subject of her new book, Grateful. But she started off by talking about religious affiliation in the US today, showing a chart that indicated that while the US has become more pluralistic in the past few decades it has also [...]