What does Westar mean to you? (Part I)

To kick off our Spring Fundraising campaign, we're talking to some of our members about how and why they've stayed connected to Westar. First, scholar and member Perry Kea shares his thoughts. Watch the video here. You can make a donation here.

Faith, Republicans, and Trump

The law of unintended consequences: often our actions have effects that we do not anticipate and do not intend. This applies also to faith.

Summary of James Carroll’s Spring Meeting Presentation

James Carroll’s keynote presentation at the Westar conference addressed the mythic stories and historic relevance of Jerusalem. He stated that there has never been more need to reckon with the relevance of Jerusalem than today in light of contemporary political and religious issues.

After Easter

The weeks after Easter bring many reflections on the meaning of Easter. As one who wrote a book about resurrection (The Trouble with Resurrection), I am often amused at what folks assume Easter means in the New Testament. I despair of the New Testament ever getting a fair and honest reading.

Stephen Patterson

Scholar Feature: Stephen Patterson

What is the forgotten creed? How did it help address issues of class, race, and gender -- and why did it end up forgotten? Westar scholar Stephen J. Patterson discusses his latest work (which can be found here).