Pride Month, Queer Theory, and the Bible

As part of our available resources for Pride Month, we're hosting a call with a few of our scholars. Watch the replay here.

Summary of Brandon Scott and Jack Caputo’s Spring Meeting Sessions

In our second set of presentations at Santa Rosa, Brandon Scott and John D. (Jack) Caputo co-presented on the topics of history and theology. Starting off the talk, Jack voiced a concern about separating history and theology from each other. That makes for both bad history and bad theology, for theologically contrived history and historically [...]

The Bible and Abortion

With Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama voting in favor of severe restrictions to abortions, it is understandable that those in the Christian tradition might turn to the Bible for theological perspective. However, as with every modern social issue, the Bible actually has nothing to say since the Bible is not a modern document. Nonetheless, the instinct [...]

What does Westar mean to you? (Part II)

As part of our Spring Fundraising campaign, we're talking to some of our members about how and why they've stayed connected to Westar. Here, scholar and member Nina Livesey shares her thoughts. Watch the video here. You can make a donation here.

Reproductive Justice, ministry, and the bible

With reproductive justice and women's rights becoming more infringed upon, many faith leaders are mobilizing to resist. One of our members, Rev. Lori Walke, is a minister in Oklahoma City and plays a large role in advocating for justice in her community. We talked to her about recent attacks on women's rights, including the Alabama [...]