Responsible Resurrection: The Odes of Solomon with Natalie Perkins

Members of Westar's Praxis Forum recently embarked on projects specifically exploring ways to utilize the religious scholarship of Westar Institute in the work they do as pastors, chaplains, artists, students, and beyond. Praxis Steering Committee co-chair and Westar Board member, Natalie Perkins, recently created an album based on the Odes of Solomon.

Welcome new Scholars!

We are always grateful for new scholars joining our ranks. This year we welcomed a number of new contributors to our work!

Responsible Resurrection: A multiplicity of resurrections (interview with Bruce Chilton)

In part two of our Responsible Resurrection series, professor, author, and scholar Bruce Chilton talks about his quest to understand how resurrection worked in period prior to Jesus. What beliefs were prominent? What were the implications of a resurrection story? He concludes that what we are frequently told is the case, is not the case! [...]

American Heretics

We are excited to announce a screening of the new documentary, American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel, at our Spring Meeting, which features the life and work of Westar scholars and members, among others. This film takes audiences into the Bible belt where a group of defiant ministers, scholars, congregations, and community leaders are challenging [...]

Responsible Resurrection: Inventing the Passion (interview with Art Dewey)

The more we make Jesus "special," the more we play into the hands of Empire. Westar Scholar Art Dewey walks us through how he suggests the Passion narrative came to be what it is -- and why we so often seek to find literal fact where there is none. This is Part I of our [...]