Photo of John D. Caputo

Spring Meeting Preview with Jack Caputo

Are history and theology compatible? This is the question our Spring Meeting session with Jack Caputo and Brandon Scott seeks to answer. Here, Jack gives a preview of the discussion. Watch now. 

Spring Meeting Preview with Thandeka

What is Paul's brain science of emotions? This is a question our Spring Meeting speaker, Thandeka, has been responding to throughout her career. Her recent book, Love Beyond Belief, addresses it fully and she will be talking on this subject at our Spring Meeting, March 20-23.

God, the decolonial, and the human future

As we head toward the Westar 2019 annual meeting, I wish to highlight and comment on a memory from the 2018 Spring meeting. I want specially to think about and remember the noticeable discomfort, concern, and confusion that arose when “decoloniality” was discussed in the Seminar on God and the Human Future.  


A piece of art in Israel has sparked outrage among the Israeli Arab Christian minority. The art work in question is entitled “McJesus” and displays a crucified Ronald McDonald. It is on exhibition in the Haifa Museum of Art.

Thanks for filling our sky with stars!

We set out to attain a goal for our end-of-year fundraising campaign: $100,000 in giving between November 1st and December 31st. We are pleased to announce that we more than exceeded this goal, raising a total of 105,965!