Transgender Resistance: Galli to the Mother of the Gods

Westar scholar, Dr. Susan "Elli" Elliott, recently put together a video about the Galli, a group of self-castrated people in the ancient Roman Era. She connects this to the idea of transgender resistance, what it may have looked like thousands of years ago, and what implications it may have for today. Dr. Elliott and Westar [...]

Burying my son

Two days ago on Friday, August 24, 2018, my son, Jonathan Scott, was buried in New Orleans. Now on the third day I grieve by writing out my grief in reflections on that burial. My son was a gentle, joyful, intelligent person. He owned F&F Botanica and Spiritual Supply. He cared for many people and [...]

Spring Giving Helps Westar Grow

Westar’s generous donors continue to inspire and invest in Westar’s growth and impact on scholarship and culture. A 25% increase in donors to the Spring Appeal A Board member donation challenge, matched in 24 hours Increased funding through gifts made outside of the Spring Appeal

The Trouble with Faith

Faith is a problematic word, so problematic that at times I think we should abandon its use. It’s a weasel word, with so many and varied meanings that what it means often is difficult to know. Given the importance of faith in religious discourse, the varied meanings have significant implications and ramifications.

Asking Attorney General Sessions — And Us — To Think More About Romans 13

Numerous commentators have pointed out some problems with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions citing a passage from the Bible to support regulations about people entering the United States without official government permission.  He points to Romans 13:1,2 to say that authorities are ordained by God. I agree with these commentators that it is not so [...]