Necropolitics, Hauntology & Biblical Studies

Necropolitics and haunting … no, I’m not talking about Halloween, although there is something uncanny about this new language of biblical studies. If you appreciate liberation theology and its many cousins, you’ll probably find “hauntology” meaningful, too. But let’s not collapse these topics too quickly.

The Gospel of Jesus according to the Jesus Seminar

PODCAST | Let the Murmuring Continue: An Interview with Art Dewey

I am writing today to congratulate Natalie Renee Perkins on producing her first episode of the Better Not Mention It podcast this week and encourage all of you to learn more and subscribe to new episodes here. In the inaugural episode, Arthur Dewey of Xavier University answers “the burning question” and discusses the book, The Gospel of Jesus: According [...]

Indigenous Communities and Non-Traditional Christian Texts

Chebon Kernell is the Executive Secretary for all indigenous and native ministries around the world for the United Methodist Church. He was a member of the New Orleans Council that selected new ancient texts to be included in A New New Testament: A Bible for the 21st Century Including Traditional and Recently Discovered Texts, and [...]

religion in creative writing

Religion in Creative Writing | Understanding Religion series

My favorite way of understanding religion is, without question, the playfully serious and seriously playful exploration of religion in creative writing. Because certain symbols are universally resonant across time and space, they find their way into both religious practice and creative expressions like poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, television scripts, stage plays, and sermons. This doesn’t mean [...]