Seminar Papers are the basis for the discussions in the academic sessions of the Westar Institute national meeting. They will not be presented orally at the event. Persons wishing to follow the discussions should read the papers in advance. PDFs of the Fall 2017 seminar papers will be uploaded to this page as they come available. There is no charge for the PDFs, but there is a $25 charge for those who want a hard copy mailed to them.

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Christianity Seminar

Al-Suadi, Soham.

"The Ritual of the Hellenistic Meal: Early Christian Everyday Practice as an Exegetical Challenge."
(2.28 MB)

Larson, Lillian.

"Monastic Meals and Ritual Practice"
(758 kb)

McGowan, Andrew.

"Changing Courses: Eucharistic Origins"
(224 kb)

Patterson, Stephen J.

"Baptism: A Pre-History."
(379 KB)

Taussig, Hal.

"Washing Dogma Off Baptismal Practices of the First Two Centuries: A Snapshot for the Public. "

(441 KB)

Seminar on God and the Human Future

White, Carol Wayne.

(203 KB)

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Seminar papers are works in progress that often undergo changes and extensive editing before appearing in formal publications at a later date. Do not reproduce, distribute, or cite without the author’s permission. All papers remain copyrighted © by their authors.